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Greensboro Immigration Attorneys

Representing both companies and individuals with business immigration needs, and offering services such as:

  • Visa strategy and planning

  • Visa preparation and filing

  • Immigration compliance training

  • Employee verification training

A variety of business visas are available, some for temporary periods of time and some that lead to permanent residence (green card status) in the United States. Common non-immigrant business visas include:
  • H1-B Professional visa: A non-immigrant visa for professionals with a Bachelors degree or higher.
  • L Intracompany visa: A non-immigrant visa for certain employees of multinational companies.
  • TN NAFTA visa: A non-immigrant visa for citizens of Canada and Mexico who practice certain professions.
  • E Investor/Trader visa: A non-immigrant visa for citizens of treaty nations who engage in investment in or trade with the U.S.
  • P Artist/Athlete visa: A non-immigrant visa for performers.
  • O Exceptional Ability visa: A non-immigrant visa for persons exhibiting extraordinary ability in the arts, athletics, medicine, or business.
  • B Business Visitor visa: A non-immigrant visa for persons conducting business activities, but not engaging in U.S. employment.
Additional non-immigrant visas are available for additional needs.

Immigrant (“green card”) visas for business purposes include:

  • L Intracompany visa: An immigrant visa / green card for managerial or executive employees of multinational companies.
  • E Investor visa: An immigrant visa / green card for citizens of treaty nations who engage in substantial investment with the U.S. Labor Certification (PERM): An immigrant visa / green card for persons with job offers from employers who have been unable to recruit qualifed U.S. workers.
  • Outstanding Researchers
  • Extraordinary Ability


Culbertson & Associates supports safe and lawful immigration. K.E. Culbertson has handled immigration cases at both the preparation and the trial level in the U.S. Immigration Court system. He has litigated trials and formal hearings in Charlotte, N.C., and in Washington, D.C. Every year, applicants from around the world are granted green cards in employment based categories. In general, you can obtain a green card based on a employment opportunity offered to you in the United States. Your area of expertise and your educational and experiential background will determine which employment based category is right for you. We outline the details of these categories below:

EB-1: Priority Workers

Individuals fall into this first category if they are persons of extraordinary ability in the field of science, art, education, business or athletics. This means that you have sustained national or international acclaim where your achievements are recognized in your field. Outstanding professors or researchers are also considered priority workers if they demonstrate international recognition in their field and have at least three years of experience in teaching or research. Lastly, multinational managers and executives, fall into the priority worker category if they have at least three years of managerial/executive employment abroad and are seeking to continue working with an affiliated U.S. employer

EB-2: Professionals with Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Ability

Individuals are eligible for an employment-based, second preference visa if they are persons of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business; have an advanced degree; or are qualified physicians who will practice medicine in an area of the U.S. which is under-served.

EB-3: Skilled or Professional Workers

You may be eligible in this category if you are skilled worker having at least two years of training and experience or if you are a professional with a bachelor’s degree (that does not qualify for a higher preference category). Learn More About The Process for Employment-Based Green Cards Learn More About How to Obtain U.S. Citizenship
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